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Data-Driven Marketing using Python


About Course

In present times, running a campaign on digital marketing channels like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc. is the easiest thing to do. But the challenge comes in optimizing these campaigns. And here, Python comes to your rescue.

This course is curated specially for marketers who are well versed with digital marketing, and want to make data-driven decisions for campaign optimization. All content has been developed keeping the interest of beginners in mind.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Marketing Analytics Framework
  • Basics of Python
  • Python Libraries: Pandas, Seaborn
  • Important Metrics in Digital Campaigns
  • Data Cleaning, Wrangling & Sorting
  • Feature Engineering
  • Campaign KPIs Visualization
  • Combined Effect of various factors like Ad Copy, Creative, Targeting, Time, Platform etc. on CTR & Conversions in a single graph
  • Preventing Budget Wastage on Channels
  • Reporting Actionable Insights

Target Audience

  • People who run Facebook and Google Paid Ads. And want to understand how to leverage Python for campaign optimization.

Topics for this course

17 Lessons03h

1. How to use the Platform?

2. Introduction to Python

3. Python for Facebook Ads

4. Python for Google PPC Ads

5. Road Ahead

6. Final Exam and Certification

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Very insightful course. Loved their way of explaining complex things into simpler manner. Good for beginners as well as advanced users.

The Course has been designed in such a way that a non tech person can easily understand the nitty gritty's of python analysis without even understanding the code.
This being said I really feel the resource person should amplify his voice tone in the videos and maybe add English/vernacular subtitles.

The course content is appreciable. The mentor has explained it in a simple way. The content is rich, there's a good flow in explaining the topics.

The great course being a DIGITAL marketer its always a concern to provide your clients best result but the data are shown in the dashboard of the platform is not so user friendly and you need these skills to make it clear and provide your clients better results

Amazing Course ! Glad to have thiss amazing course. Want a advanced course

Being a non technical graduate it was a clean basics understanding and up-to date content with perfect explanation from the mentor. The entire course was super useful and carried through in a simple way. One more skill to my bag. Thank you .

The content and approach is something new that I had not heard of before in digital marketing. Need more courses to master the marketing analytics domain.

The information given is really worth watching. Waiting for the upcoming courses.

The content of the course is superb and the mentor has explained the concepts in a simple way. If you are in the Marketing Domain then you should go ahead and grab this course and it has no brainer offer as well.

The course content is really appreciable and the way, the mentor of this video has explained the complex topics like codes in 'Data Cleaning' and 'Feature Engineering' for Google and Facebook Ads are very seamlessly easy to understand for even beginner.

$240 $40