About Us

Medialytics Ninja (Corporate Name: Vinamrata Solutions)

We are a group of digital marketers and data scientists, who have been working in the marketing analytics industry since the last 10 years. We love teaching and along side our regular jobs, are currently visiting professors at various MBA institutes.

Through this medium, we aim to share our knowledge in the form of video lectures with a wider audience, at a nominal cost.

Our Passion

We get a ‘high’ by optimizing digital marketing campaigns by utilizing data analytics techniques. Both digital marketing and data science have evolved over the years and the confluence of these two have brought us to witness an exciting future of marketing analytics revolution.
Our motive of starting Medialytics Ninja is to become the epicentre of this digital marketing analytics revolution.

Contact Us

For any issue, reach out to us on help@medialyticsninja.com

Hire Us

We work with various Digital Marketing Agencies to help them ease out their processes using automation and also setup analytics and reporting.

In case you are an agency owner and willing to take your agency to the next level, we are interested in having a digital coffee with you!

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Our Other Venture

We also run a separate website, Launch My Course, that helps all coaches, trainers, educators etc., who want to launch their e-learning business. and generate passive income.