Reporting Automation in
Digital Marketing

Online Certification Course
Curated Specially for Digital Marketers

Achieve 90% Reduction in Time & Effort


What will you learn?

You will learn to extract campaign performance data via APIs from all platforms and convert them into amazing graphs.
And everything will be done with just ONE CLICK!

Module 1: Preview​

Course Highlights

Lifetime Access

To Videos and Python code

All Skill Levels

No previous coding knowledge required

3 Hours

Total Duration of Course

Course Contents

This self-paced, online video content has been designed keeping in mind Absolute Beginners.

1. Course Introduction

1. Challenges faced by Digital Marketers
2. Marketing Automation Process
3. Why Python?

2. Introduction to Python

1. Python Installation
2. Python Libraries
3. Python Practice Exercise

3. Google Data Studio Basics

1. Build Google Adwords Dashboard
2. Build Facebook Ads Dashboard

4. Introduction to APIs

1. Making Developer Account
2. Making App
3. Exporting Campaign Data

5. Google Sheets Automation

1. Getting Access Tokens
2. Write Data to Sheets Automatically

6. Automating the Process

1. Making Batch Files
2. Checklist & Best Practices
3. Customizing the process

Earn A Certificate of Achievement


Learning Outcomes


How APIs work?
Automation Process


To Make Campaign Performance Dashboards with just 1 Click


Efficiency of your marketing efforts

Our Happy Learners!

Although we have just started, but reviews have started pouring in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a recorded course or a live course?

It’s a series of recorded course videos, which will be given to you in a LMS. On signup, you will have to select a username and password using which you can watch all the modules whenever you like. After completing, you will get a course completion certificate.

Will I get lifetime access to the Videos?

Yes, you will get access to the Videos for a Lifetime. You can watch at any time you like. You will also get lifetime access to the Python Codes and Database that is used in the course.

How will I get support for my Questions?

We are just a buzz away. Contact us on Email or Social Media Channels.

Any prerequisites to take this course?

The only prerequisite to take this course is that you should be aware of how paid campaigns are run on Facebook and Google.

How to enroll for the course?

Just click on the Enroll Now button. You will be asked to create your account. Complete the payment and instantly you will be able to access all the course videos.

Got more questions?​

Please write to us at and we will take care of your queries.

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